One Last Beautiful Autumn Day

The summer months have long given way for the crisp and cool months of autumn.  For most of the United States, thatView full post »

Fun in The Pearl with Caroline and Lukas

Yesterday, I met with Heather and her darling children, Caroline and Lukas.  Caroline was the adorably spunky flowerView full post »

Diane & Andrew: Engagement Portraits in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

My sister-in-law recently received a proposal from a very nice man (who we tease mercilessly for being a defenseView full post »

April & Harry: A Christmas Surprise Wedding

I ended my 2010 year with April’s and Harry’s Christmas-themed wedding, and what a way to end the year!  View full post »

Ashley & Dustin: A Romantic Candlelit Wedding

Winter weddings can be a bit touchy when it comes to providing excellent weather conditions.  While there really isn&#View full post »

Melissa & Geoffery: Love in the Details

I am such a big fan of highly-detailed events, and Melissa’s and Geoffery’s gorgeous November wedding hadView full post »

Natalie & Michael: All in the Look

I love photographing couples who care so much that they can share it with one look.  Natalie and Michael are anView full post »

Ashley & Chris: Love in Laughter

I adore it when I get to photograph couples who spend a majority of their wedding day laughing.  When the couple are atView full post »

Megan & Weston: Love Eight Years in the Making

I had the distinct pleasure of second shooting Megan’s and Wes’ wedding for my friend, Diana Matthews of View full post »

Missy & Aaron: Love in a Vineyard

It was a joy to join Missy and Aaron for their autumn-themed vineyard wedding.  Beautiful weather warmed the air duringView full post »

Nicole & Tom: Delightful Intimacy

Nicole and Tom’s wedding may have been smaller in size compared to all the wedding I’ve photographed thisView full post »

Seductive Lady A

This is all you get of the amazingly Seductive Lady A.View full post »

Vanessa & Marwan: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (PT 3)

The final installment of photographs from Nessa’s and Marwan’s magnificent wedding highlights their greatView full post »

Vanessa & Marwan: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Pt 2)

Part 2 of Nessa’s and Marwan’s wedding highlights their ceremony and the wonderful time we had visitingView full post »

Vanessa & Marwan: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Pt 1)

Do you know those cute old couples who sit, hand in hand, on a park bench as they people watch and smile as if they areView full post »

Laura & Charlie: Love and Laughter

I adore fun couples who laugh through their wedding day.  Laura and Charlie are such a couple, and it was a completeView full post »

Micah & Brian: Love at Church Cove

It was an absolute delight photographing Micah and Brian on their special day.  I was first approached by Jessica,View full post »

Jessica & Rick: Sunset Silhouettes

Jessica’s and Rick’s outdoor ceremony was beautifully let by sunset, casting a gorgeous orange huge overView full post »


I had meant to post this sooner, but I’ve been fighting the amazing battle against a tree-infested Raleigh.  WithView full post »

The Girl with the Yellow Balloon

I absolutely adore meeting new clients and photographing their portraits and events.  It’s a great perk of what IView full post »

Baby Alice and Her Bunny

If you’ve visited my site before, you’re probably curious about where it’s gone.  Well, it hasn’View full post »